Photo: Ari Magnusson

Hi! I’m Madelyn.

I ask questions, facilitate collaboration, and instigate experiments at the intersection of deep strategic thinking and design.

My creative practice reflects my aspirations for personal and collective healing, a more joyful society, and systems that empower us to care for each other and the earth. I thrive when I can apply a dynamic mix of competencies from my multidisciplinary skillset, and bring ten years' experience working with art and design studios, research institutes, international thought leaders and social movements.

I'm led by curiosity, following one question to the next. Through design, I work to turn abstract thought into action. My practice is highly relational, meaning what I can do depends on what we can do together. Cultivating deep partnerships and resilient support networks is thus an integral part of my approach. I believe that when we see others as friends, we can develop so much more than ideas.

Find something that resonates? I would love to hear from you!

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